Broadcasting of « The miniskirt diaries » on from 5 December

5 December 2017

The first African series in Switzerland, directed by Paulin TADADJEU DADJEU is currently broadcasting on the website

Geneva. The Mayele family juggles between Western and African values. At the heart of this daily dilemma, Annie, a smart and revolted teenager, her father Kito, International civil servant, nostalgic of education, even of life (in the African way) and Géraldine, the young and new wife of the latter who seems to hide her game well. The day Annie returns from school, overexcited to the idea of going with her friends to Justin Bieber’s next concert, she does not suspect that she is about to shake an outward appearance of family balance. When her father finds a miniskirt in her backpack, the story races. Around them, family and friends influence the trio, between very fixed ideas, hasty decisions and senseless projects… How then will this miniskirt story end and what big problems hide behind this little piece of fabric?