A feature film project written by Ufuk Emiroglu, Ercan Kesal and Gülengül Altintas

To be directed by Ufuk Emiroglu, with the support of BAK and Migros Culture Percentage.

SEVDA (40) and TÜLIN (63) seem to have little in common.

One was raised by her grandparents in a village on the edge of the Black Sea, has a successful career as an engineer, and is ready to move entire cemeteries and their remains if they block her path to greater professional heights. The other is a political refugee in Switzerland, living a life steeped in nostalgia for a Turkey she fled 40 years ago.

When Nazim, a fellow countryman and colleague, falls into a deep coma, Tülin decides to save him from a lonely death in exile and to find Sevda, the daughter he never met. The imminent death of Nazim will unite these two women whose lives are so different, and lead them to reconnect with their roots, each one of them in her own way.

PURGATORY narrates a common story of exile through two feminine perspectives.