Crime Hunters

Documentary by Nicolas Wadimoff et Juan Lozano

52 minutes – 2014

Original Title

Chasseurs de crimes


From their headquarters in Geneva, the lawyers of the Swiss NGO Trial (Track Impunity Always) unremittingly pursue any war criminal careless enough to pass through Swiss territory. These true contemporary crime hunters have in their crosshairs all those with the blood of victims of conflicts on their hands. Theirs is primarily painstaking legal work, but also the emotionally charged fieldwork of collecting shocking testimonies from victims forever haunted by the ghosts of violence past. This film tells the story of their daily struggle against injustice and impunity.


Co-production with:
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse


FIFDH, Festival International du film sur les droits humains, Competition, 2014

Watch Docs Human Rights Int. Film Festival, Warsaw, 2014

Festival Diritti Umani, Lugano, 2014

Sarajevo Film Festival, 2014

Sales & distribution:  Doc & Film International




Directed by: Nicolas Wadimoff & Juan José Lozano
Written by: Juan José Lozano & Nicolas Wadimoff
Production: Nicolas Wadimoff (Akka Films), Irène Challand & Gaspard Lamunière (RTS)
Cinematography: Patrick Tresch, Marc Zumbach, Sergio Mejia, Ufuk Emiroglu, Gregory Bindschedler, Diego Barajas Riaño, Nicolas Wadimoff
Editing: Ana Acosta
Location Sound Mix: Carlos Ibañez-Diaz, Christophe Giovannoni
Sound Editing: Souheil Mellah, Xavier Lavorel
Sound Mix: Sergio Mejia, Xavier Lavorel