My Home

5 shorts films of young Palestinian filmmakers

Switzerland, Palestine – 2005


My Home is the second step of the «Swiss-Palestinian Encounters » project initiated by Nicolas Wadimoff and Akka Films at the 2004 Ramallah Film Festival.

My Home has offered workshops to young Palestinian filmmakers in order to develop reflections, exchanges and questions about “cinéma du reel”

Among 20 short film projects, 5 were selected for pedagogic, artistic and technical support. A unifying theme was proposed : My Home


Akka Films
Al-ma’mal Fondation
Lago Films


de Nahed Awwad – 24’

Abu Jamil is a librairian in Ramallah. Nothing has changed in his workshop since the sixties. Director Nahed Awwad, as his accomplice, perceives him with tenderness, questions him on his dreams, his sorrows but also on Nasser, the Palestine of the past…


de Saed Abuhmud – 20’

” My house is my football club ” says Saed Abuhmud, the director. Originally from Bethlehem, he takes us back to his childhood, the football field of the catholic community of the ?frères salésiens?. By recalling his years as goalkeeper for the team, it is the first Intifada which weaves its way into the story like fine lace.


de Rowan Al Faquih – 11’

On this piece of land, nothing is left. At the most a few stones and an almond tree. But it is here, in this house, that Rowan spent the most peaceful moments of her childhood, secure in the love of her grand-parents and her cousin from America, the sister she had chosen for herself, who visited her every summer. One day, war breaks out ..


de Enas Muthaffar – 16’

A wall is being built. The family of Enas must move so they don?t find themselves on the wrong side. She was born in this apartment. As to her father, he was born in a house in Jaffa. In 1948 he had to leave. To each generation his own move.


de Mazen Saadeh – 18’

Mazen works as an employee in the offices of the OLP. Even though there is nothing to do ? the situation since 2000 being what it is ? the co-workers are obliged to put in their hours of presence, under the watchful eye of a manager very strict where time is concerned.