A TV Serie written by Claire Kanny, Sarah Farkas and Marine Flores-Ruimi

6 x 52′, TV Serie written by par Claire Kanny, Sarah Farkas and Marine Ruimi.
In coproduction with Gaumont Television, RTS – Radio Television Suisse et France 2.


It’s the end of the season in the Cimes, the vacationers are leaving, the snow is melting… and revealing the corpse of a murdered woman in an intriguing and macabre scene. Swiss Captain Sterenn Peiry is in charge of the case, supported by French investigator Lyes Bouaouni because a body was found in a similar state on the other side of the border. As the mystery thickens, the investigator discovers that her son accidentally killed his girlfriend in a car. Her life changes: how far will she go to protect her son ?


Director : Pierre Monnard
Writers : Claire Kanny, Sarah Farkas et Marine Ruimi-Flores
Production : Philippe Coeytaux (Akka Films), Sidonie Dumas, Christophe Riandee, Alexis Barqueiro (Gaumont Télévision), Françoise Mayor Patrick Sühner (RTS- Radio Télévision Suisse), Nathalie Biancolli, Benoît Marchisio (France TV)
DOP : Maximiliaan Dierickx
Sound ingeneer: Alexandre Andrillon
Editors : Karine Sudan, Nicolas Hislaire
Post-production : Lorin Würscher