Summer 2006 in Palestine

Mosaic of 13 short films less than 3 minutes by young Palestinian filmmakers

Suisse, Palestine – 2006


” Both established and emerging Palestinian filmmakers were invited to come together in a project that would reflect the “mood” of Summer 2006 in Palestine. Using one shot, filmmakers were asked to tell their stories in three minutes or less. Despite the fact that Palestinians have been dispersed across the globe, with the majority of them being refugees, “Summer 2006, Palestine”,initiated by the Palestinian Filmmakers’ Collective, was limited to filmmakers living in Palestine. The result is a unique collection of short films from across Palestine, delving into the personal, the political, and the poetic – the spirit of a people struggling for freedom.”

The Palestinian Filmaker’s Collective
Ramallah Juin 2006


Palestinian Filmaker’s Collective.

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Summer 2006 in Palestine – a crossover between film, video art, individual expression and a collective voice -is a unique experience in the Palestinian cultural scene. This collection of short films brings together 13 individual artists with different degrees of experience within the Palestinian film scene and other visual arts disciplines to convey the summer of 2006 in Palestine.

The project is the result of an initiative led by several Palestinian filmmakers from the Palestinian Filmmakers’ Collective. Since its inception in 2005, the collective has generated a platform for discussion and exchange amongst Palestinian filmmakers. “Summer 2006, Palestine” is their first “filmic” production.


Red, dead and mediterranean by Akram al Ashqar
Security leak by Rowan Al Faqih
Checkmate by Amer Shomali
Jenan by Riyad Deis
Flee by Ahmad Habash
Coffee & cigarettes by Ismael Habbash
Sound of the street by Anne Marie Jacir
Football on a thursday afternoon by Liana Bader
Ferkesh (called off) by May Odeh
Traffic by Mohanad Yaqubi
A world apart within 15 minutes by Enas Muthaffar
To the arabs of haifa a special message by Razi Najjar
Not just any sea by Nahed Awwad



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