L’ Accord

Documentary by Nicolas Wadimoff and Béatrice Guelpa

83 minutes – 2005
Switzerland – France


The fascinating story behind the Geneva Initiative, a peace plan for the Middle East. Set up by a group of seven very different individuals – three Israelis, three Palestinians and one Swiss – united by their dedication to achieve peace in the Middle East, the Geneva Initiative was officially launched in December 2003 on the shores of Lake Geneva. A film about political courage.


Co-production with:
Point du Jour (France)
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse

Festival & Awards (selection) 

Locarno Film Festival, 2005

Festival International du film francophone de Namur, 2005

Journées cinématographiques de Soleure, 2006

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Sales & Distribution

World Sales: Point-du-Jour International

Distribution Switzerland: Moa Distribution
Distribution France: Solaris Distribution

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The film follows three Israelis and three Palestinians, signatories of the Geneva Initiative, throughout a year of trying to tailor the Initiative to both the Israelis’ as well as to the Palestinians’ wishes. It is an undertaking that entails many joys, but also surprises, doubts and set-backs. Whilst the situation in the Middle East has never been so bleak, the boundless faith of these committed people, which puts them in conflict with their family, friends and their societies, offers an unexpected ray of hope.



“un éclairage intelligent et subtil sur le conflit israélo-palestinien“ Télérama

Dossier de presse



Directed by: Nicolas Wadimoff
Written by: Béatrice Guelpa, Nicolas Wadimoff
Production: Nicolas Wadimoff (Akka Films), Serge Gordey (Point du Jour)
Cinematography: Nicolas Wadimoff, Bernard Reymond, Issa Freij, Gianluca Grossi
Editing: Karine Sudan, with the collaboration of Naïma Bachiri
Prise de son: Nicolas Wadimoff, Issa Freij
Mixage: Denis Sechaud, Philippe Kurzawa
Musique: Philippe Héritier


Locarno Film Festival, 2005
Festival International du film francophone de Namur, 2005
One World Festival à Bratislava, 2005
DokMa Documentaries à Maribor, 2005
RIDM, Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, 2005
Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo y Contemporáneo, 2005
Journées cinématographiques de Soleure, 2006
Febiofest à Prague, 2006
World Film Festival à Bangkok, 2006
Human Rights Film Festival à Rabat, 2006
Festival du Film Francophone d’Amman, 2006