A documentary serie developped by Nicolas Wadimoff and Palmyre Badinier



AKKA Films
Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion

En coproduction avec

RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse
SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
RSI – Radiotelevisione Swizzera

With the participation of Cinéforom and the support of la Loterie Romande
Supported by le Fonds de production télévisuelle
and le Story Lab du Pour-cent culturel migros
in partnership with the Vhelvet association


Ten young filmmakers, ten portraits and ten distinct universes: “Futura!” tells the story of different young people through their attachment to a community and speaks, through these characters, of living together, of otherness and of the multiplicity of possible evolutions. These ten short documentaries are therefore also a reflection of Switzerland in all its diversity. They bypass traditional representations to dive into the reality of the daily life of the communities presented.




With : Nida-Errhamen Ajmi
Director :
Basil Da Cunha
Production director : Jaber Debzi
DOP : Patrick Tresch
Sound : François Wolf
Editing : Romain Namura
Original music : Henrique Leitao Silva


With : Ava Mathey
Director :
Youssef Youssef
Production director : Ketsia Stocker
DOP : Augustin Losserand
Sound : Igor Marlot et Björn Cornelius
Editing : Romain Namura
Original music : Byron Reza Afshar (alias CH88 IBAN 4V5K 4RD1 1207 0)


With : Clark Marchon
Director :
Elisa Gómez Alvarez
Production director : Ketsia Stocker
DOP : Elisa Gómez Alvarez
Sound: Théodora Menthonnex
Editing : Romain Namura et Elisa Gómez Alvarez
Original music: Théo Diblanc

Jeunesse !

With : Alicia Perroud
Director :
Laura Morales
Production director : Ketsia Stocker
DOP : Robin Mognetti et Laura Morales
Sound : Céline Carridroit et Nadine Hausler
Editing : Romain Namura
Original music: Jan Godde


With : Mohadeseh Noori
Director :
Sean Wirz
Production director : Sophia Rubischung
DOP : Sean Wirz et Basil Oberli
Sound : Bänz Isler
Editing : Amaury Berger et Romain Namura


With : Catzilla
Director :
Maria Kaur Bedi
Production director: Sophia Rubischung
DOP : Maxi Schmitz
Sound : Satindar Singh Bedi
Editing : Rolf Hellat

Un Monde Parfait

With : Giulia
Director :
Wendy Pillonel
Production director : Sophia Rubischung
DOP : Natascha Vavrina
SoundOliver Rogers et Wendelin Schmidt-Ott
Editing : Rolf Hellat
Original music : Jakob Eisenbach


With : Flurin Signer
Director :
Jonas Schaffter
Production director : Sophia Rubischung
DOP : Simon Denzler et Jonas Schaffter
SoundNicolas Büttiker, Sven Friedli et Jonas Schaffter
Editing : Amaury Berger
Original musics : Thomas Jeker, Patric Bader


With : Vladimir Nikolic
Director :
Milly Milkjovic
Production director : Laura Donato
DOP : Giacomo Jaeggli
Sound : Marco Monti
Editing : Davide Briccola et Romain Namura

Le Piu Lunghe Antenne

With : Marko Miladinovic
Agnese Laposi
Production director : Laura Donato
DOP: Valentina Provini
Sound : Ambra Speranza et Vittorio Castellano
Editing : Davide Briccola et Romain Namura
Original musics: Fabio Pinto, Flavio Calaon, Michel Piluso