A documentary by Matthias Joulaud and Lucien Roux

30 minutes – 2022


On Achill, an island mainly populated by sheep. Cian, a young teenager, hopes to spend the summer vacations with his friends. But for Martin, his grandfather, it’s time to introduce him to farm work.


Akka Films
Master Ecal/HEAD

Festivals and Awards (Selections)

  • Leipzig, Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm, Special Mention (Internationaler Wettbewerb kurzer Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm) 2022 (Winner)
  • Amsterdam, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Award for Best Youth Film 2022 (Winner)
  • Poitiers, Poitiers Film Festival, Prix découverte de la Critique Française 2022 (Winner)
  • Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People, Special Mention by the International Jury 2022 (Winner)


On the mostly sheep-populated island of Achill, just west of the Irish coast, Cian tries as best he can to train his grandfather’s sheepdog, Martin. From an opening scene that shows the teenager struggling with disobedient animals and a patient but firm grandfather, the long and rigorous apprenticeship of farm work begins, during a summer he would have preferred to spend with his friends. Dressed in all circumstances in a soccer jersey and city sneakers, Cian is confronted with the harshness and demands of a profession he admires and respects, but in which he is not sure to project himself in the long term.


Réalisé par : Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux
Production : Jaber Debzi, Philippe Coeytaux (Akka Films)
Coproduction : Master Ecal/HEAD
Image : Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux
Montage : Selin Dettwiler
Son : Yatoni Roy Cantu