Swiss-Palestinian Film Encounters


8 – 14 July 2004

“Swiss-Palestinian Encounters” is aimed at creating links between filmmakers from both cultures and give opportunities to young Palestinian filmmakers developing their creative and technical skills.

The workshop was comprised of sessions with Swiss and Palestinian coordinators that worked with a group of 24 young Palestinian filmmakers in the city of Ramallah over a period of two months, after which five short documentary film proposals were selected.

Covering a period of six months and four working stages, the Swiss-Palestinian film encounters provided five young Palestinian filmmakers with the unique opportunity to conceive, develop and successfully complete documentary films in the theme of My Home.



Nicolas Wadimoff, Fernand Melgar (encadrement, production et réalisation)Steff Bossert (image et réalisation), Thomas Bachmann (montage), Jean Perret (histoire et théorie du cinéma du réel), Tiziana Mona (SSR SRG), Christine Ferrier et Joëlle Comé (coordination et production).

La production des films fut assurée conjointement par AKKA Films et LAGO Films à Genève.